Mall Hours

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Few minutes ago, I was at the mall with earl, my 7 year old nephew. We were playing and running around like kids and finally got tired. While resting, we noticed big cracks on the ground and walls. We went to the workers right close to us and informed them about the cracks. Suddenly, while complaining and discussing the matter to the workers, the part of the building where we were standing collapsed and fall.

Everything happened so fast! My responses were so fast too! I grabbed earl’s hand with my right, and with my other hand, I gripped the top edge of the wall so tight and no plans of letting go. With adrenaline strength, I raised earl to the top safely.

My heart beat was so fast and my body was shaking as I try raising myself up. I was about to cry when suddenly the phone rang (my uncle called), and I woke up.

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