Another Year of a Myndful Journey!

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It’s quite amazing how time flies, glides and swims so fast! For all we know, we are getting better (or worse). I just graduated last October 2007 and marched last April 2008. From a full-time freelancer who never planned of becoming part of a company, I accepted the employment offer of Mynd Tech Management Services and started working last June 18, 2009. That’s days ago when I celebrated my 1st anniversary. I can still remember the events and the people who made it possible.

June 2008 when I begun sending my resume online looking for a home-base opportunity for plenty of reasons. On top are convenience, challenge and compensation. While searching the net, I came up with local jobs in Davao City. None was attractive to me except for Mynd Tech Management Services. I never knew that there was a company here in Davao City which gives big compensation to programmers. Big compensation means giving bigger value to employees. Although it could also mean harder and bigger tasks/responsibilities.

It was during my Putzi’s birthday – June 11, 2009, when I received an email for an interview scheduled on June 12, 2008. That’s on the next day! I still haven’t gotten over with the idea of being part of a company and here comes an interview — a possibility of getting hired! But yes, I replied and confirmed my presence. That’s after I browsed the Success Stories at Mynd Consulting website and heard the inspiring speech of Ms. Myrna Padilla — the sole owner of the company.

June 12, 2009, 4pm at Door 5 G/F LANDCO Corporate Center, Bajada Davao City – I had my panel interview with four individuals. The key to a job interview perhaps is becoming true to oneself then, never expect to get hired. I felt relaxed during the interview. I treated it like a friendly conversation. I even asked several questions to our boss back then. Her life story to me was inspiring so I was very eager to learn her rags-to-riches story.

It wasn’t just an interview. There was also an exam which examined my skills and memory. I’m sure I failed the exam and I honestly told them my weaknesses. But I gave the assurance that I can learn them all. I know I can, and yes, I will. A challenge for me. Perhaps that was another key. How many keys have I mentioned now? =)

The interview day ended well and the weekend passed by without hearing a word or two from the company. I thought I didn’t get it. In my heart, I wasn’t ready but I was expecting. June 16, 2009, I received an email from the boss giving a job offer. It was a mixed emotion. Earlier that time, I was also hired in the Lionbridge program (which later on I dropped). Instantly, although having unsettled emotions, I replied and accepted the Job offer. Then June 18, 2008 came — my first day.

Since then, no more afternoon sleeps, no more early morning works, no more days without a bath (just rare.hihihi), and most importantly, no more freedom with time. I’m hooked now! That’s what I felt. However, all the cons where complimented with the pros — new languages were learned and applied, people came and went, lots of events celebrated, and recession heightened yet we remained tough and soaring.

Reminiscing the past would take me hours of writing although, that’s just minutes of your reading. (Isn’t that unfair?hehe) I have learned how sincere friendship, good working relationship, trust, quality and dedication play important roles in a company. Well, that’s besides the good compensation. =)

And now, another year of a MYNDful journey! God bless me!

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