My Putzi’s Celebration of Life!

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We’ve been together for 22%  of your life and hopefully 58% when you turn gold. It’s funny reminiscing how two opposite poles turned to lovers at a time where blue and red can never blend. =)

This isn’t about us rather it’s about you and all the blessings the almighty God gave. Read on…


First Victory: a God’s Gift of Life

Imagine how you triumphantly won the race of life with your never-born-siblings. You outsmart, outwit and out strength all of them! You were the victor! A creation made out of victory and love! Isn’t it cool?

You won because God gave you strength to win the race, God gave you the gift of life, and with your mama and papa as instruments, God’s plan succeeded in YOU!

So during your down moments, always remember that you were born a winner. And with God’s strength and love, you can never go weak and wrong. You will always be blessed and God will always provide. For when He gave you life, He made you to LIVE.

Thank God!


The Instruments: From Love to Life

You weren’t created by mistake, by luck, nor by chance. Off course, it can’t be through immaculate conception! You were made out of Love by the first two beings who felt joy of your living. Right, they are your parents! Whether they created you at the jungle were red flags are raised, it’s through their love that you LIVE.

Thank your Parents!


Relation and Growth: A Family’s Legacy

Have you ever wondered if you’ll be the same in case you were born from someone elses and have a different network of relatives? You might not have the perfect family and relatives, and you might experienced a lot of complications within the family but always remember that without your family you’ll be a different YOU. Whether you learned from their mistakes or you copied their successes, the way you relate with other people, and the personality you have now are your family’s legacy to you!  And as we say, “At the end of the day, we always go back to the one that never leaves nor rejects us — our family. ”

Thank everyone else in your Family!


Open Book: Friends and the Not So

From all the people I know, you were one of those who’s surrounded by friends that never left! Your best friends are quite a number and good friends are countless. That’s because of the real sweet and adorable true you. Through heartaches, failures and successes, you shared your life with them. You might have repelled or crashed with few individuals but, your goodness prevailed by treating them the civil way. You are blessed with your friends and all the people around you.

Thank your friends and also your not so friends!



There are countless blessings that you have, and these were just a few. It’s even an understatement to say that you were a gift to me! Thanks a lot for sharing your life. I am so blessed. As I said before, the road was tough but I enjoyed the ride with you!

As you celebrate today your birthday, may you be filled with joy and fun. Most of all, may you remember and be thankful always to the one true God who gave all of these blessings to you. The one true God who gave me to you, and you to me too!

I love you Putzi. Happy birthday!

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